NB Herald Zeitung, Letter to the Editor from NBTXIndivisible's Brenda Witt, published Dec. 10, 2017 :

On Tuesday, 11/21/17, Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, released the agency's proposal to repeal "net neutrality" rules, which prevent internet providers (Comcast, Verizon, ATT) from deciding which internet content would be available, which loads faster, what prices they would charge for faster service. There were 22 million public responses to this plan on the FCC's website and the majority of responders opposed the plan, showing this was strongly bipartisan.


So who supports this plan? The ISPs Comcast, Verizon, ATT and the politicians they fund. At the top of the list is Sen. John Cornyn, who received $160,000 in ISP donations since 2012. His comment: "Net neutrality is misnamed. It is government regulation. Why not let the market work?"


Sen. Ted Cruz was not far behind with $115,000 in ISP donations. His comment: "It is imperative that the FCC establish a strong deregulatory federal framework for broadband regulations and preempt state and local regulators from having the opportunity to implement the next internet power grab." Apparently Texas' Senators support allowing ISP companies to grab power to make decisions about how the internet operates.


Neither Cornyn nor Cruz addressed the negative effect this plan would have on consumers. Rep. Will Hurd was #1 in the House of Representatives, receiving the highest amount of ISP donations ($63,0000 in 2015) with Lamar Smith close behind ($53,200 in 2015.) They both voted to give ISPs the right to sell our browsing histories. Apparently our elected officials are more concerned about giving power to corporations than in protecting consumers through grovernment regulation.


The FCC's vote on the repeal of net neutrality rules, which would give power to corporations instead of government while harming consumers, will take place on December 14th. If you disagree, contact Sens. Cornyn, Cruz and the FCC before the vote.