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Joi Chevalier
Comptroller of Public Accounts
About Joi Chevalier

“I see what Texas can be, when all of its resources are used wisely.”

--Joi Chevalier


Joi Chevalier earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas as a recipient of a five-year Texas Exes Scholarship.  As part of the UT program with Oxford University in Oxford, UK, she attended Brasenose College while working toward her Master degree in English Literature and Technology.


The early years of her career focused on product development with both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.  She led large teams in launching various products, programs, and internal businesses – generating billions in revenues.  She is now operating an incubator for food companies, supporting their launch into the market as well as helping to develop new products.  She helps to create entrepreneurs and jobs.


While committed to controlling costs, Ms. Chevalier is keen to generate additional revenues for the State through a long and diverse list of action items.  These include:  regular agency audits to understand/fix lost revenues; support real school finance reform; close loopholes in commercial valuations; increase small business growth and expansion; update outdated consumption taxes; fully implement Internet taxes after the SCOTUS Wayfair decision; sunset old sector abatements; reduce Texas' $50B debt to free Texas finances up to serve its citizens.


To assure that State funds are used effectively, Ms. Chevalier will tie expenditures to real-world outcomes – to results.  She believes the nature of the comptroller position is not partisan; in fact, it is critical to be neutral, fair, and accurate when assessing the benefits of proposed expenditures.  A high priority will be assessment of the cost to Texans of rejecting the ACA Medicaid expansion. A non-partisan evaluation, using “real” numbers, is critical to determine if Texas should reclaim dollars from the Federal government in the form of the Medicaid expansion.

Joi Chevalier online:

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The Comptroller of Public Accounts is responsible for collecting nearly all tax revenues in the State.  In the largest tax program, sales tax, the Comptroller collects all sales tax and then disburses required amounts back to local entities.  The office is also responsible for projecting revenue and certifying available cash on hand.  Treasury Operations  controls the flow of monies into and out of state funds.

Several ancillary programs are also operated, such as Unclaimed Property and Tuition Promise.

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Joi Chevalier’s Republican opponent is Glenn Hegar.  Prior to being elected to Comptroller in 2014, he served in both the Texas House and Senate.  He self-identifies as conservative, and mentions religious liberty as well as being pro-life on his comptroller campaign page.

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