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Dorothy Carroll

Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4

DWCC Member Running for Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Dorothy Carroll


Dorothy Carroll, DWCC member, is a candidate for Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4. She wants to be directly involved in the business of the county and in overseeing the county's budget. She wants to ensure county funds are spent responsibly and conservatively and adequately address the needs of county residents.


Ms. Carroll is the mother of three, grandmother of six and has six great-grandsons. Difficult

times in her past, including the death of a great­grandson and a daughter, have contributed to her resiliency. She believes her diverse  work background uniquely qualifies her for  involvement in county government. Examples are clothing manufacturing, financial and retail advertising and marketing, accounting, insurance auditing, business consulting and owning a commercial custom framing business. Ms. Carroll is an artist including; painting and mural painting, ceramics and printmaking. She founded a non-profit organization for printmakers in the early 1990s.


Ms. Carroll  has been an advocate for  battered women and survivors of sexual assault since the early 1970s and is an untiring foe of injustice.           


Ms. Carroll plans to address health and safety issues in Comal County. She is concerned by the number of sexual assaults occurring and wants to see many more offenders prosecuted successfully. She wants to ensure that Registered Sex Offenders residing in the county (approx. 200 currently) are strictly monitored by local law enforcement.


Ms. Carroll wants the Commissioners' Animal Control Orders and Regulations for Comal County fully and strictly enforced. She says the number of children and seniors attacked  by dogs running-at-large is unacceptable. Attacks have resulted in major injuries and surgery, lifelong physical challenges and even death. Ms. Carroll plans to have Comal County’s Leash Law for Dogs and Prohibition against Dogs Running-at-Large taken seriously by all county enforcement officials.


Ms. Carroll is deeply disturbed by the death of many dogs. Dogs are injured, maimed and killed by drivers and by other loose dogs. She is disturbed by the number of property owners who boast they shoot and poison loose dogs on their property. Dogs are injured or die in many terrible ways when they are allowed to run-at-large.


Ms. Carroll finds no justifications for these health and safety issues to be ignored, to any degree, by county officials at the expense of the county’s most vulnerable residents.

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What does a County Commissioner do?

County government in Texas is different from city government in that its structure and areas of responsibility are spelled out in the Texas Constitution. County governments are seen as the administrative arms of the state legislature. Each county has a Commissioners’ Court, with four commissioners from designated precincts, and a county judge. The Commissioners’ Court conducts the business of the county, including overseeing the county’s finances. The power of the Commissioners’ Court is limited by a system of checks and balances between it and other elective offices in the county. These elective offices, such as the sheriff, county clerk, and justices of the peace, are independent of each other.


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