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Gloria Meehan

Comal County Clerk

Gloria Meehan

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Gloria Meehan is running for the office of Comal County Clerk because she cares about the community.  Gloria believes the County Clerk’s office should be a friendly, dynamic place for all the county’s citizens.  This is the first bid for public office for this small business owner.

Gloria emphasizes several issues she believes are important to the citizens of Comal County.  She is aware of the unique responsibility of the County Clerk for maintaining the integrity of the county’s records, a responsibility that will require particular expertise in this period of rapid growth.

Gloria is especially concerned about the integrity of the county’s voting system, and she notes that Comal County is one of 103 Texas counties that has no paper back-up for ballots cast in an election, a situation that would prevent a reliable recount.  Gloria wants the county to adopt a modernized paper ballot system.  She is also in favor of establishing a mandatory vote-by-mail ballot for senior citizens.

Gloria will make government accessible to all citizens, for example, by creating seminars to help people understand how to fill out and file government documents, and by helping find resources for those in need.  Gloria wants the County Clerk’s office “to be a place where every citizen and potential citizen of our county is welcome to ask questions, seek help, and brainstorm together to create a caring, responsive community for ALL residents.”

Gloria lives in Canyon Lake.  She has a B.A. degree in Corporate Communications and has many years of experience in management of marketing and information systems, and large, diverse teams.  She is the founder and managing director of Ramblewood Consultants, a small business marketing services company.

What is a County Clerk in Texas?


In Texas, the responsibilities of the County Clerk are many.  This is a four-year elective office with duties designated by the Texas State Constitution and Legislature.  Functions listed on the Comal County Clerk’s website include, for example, maintaining land records and keeping plat records and maps; recording vital statistics, including birth, marriage, and death records; and keeping records for the County Courts at Law and the Commissioners Court.


In most counties, the County Clerk oversees elections.  In Comal County, elections are managed by an elections coordinator who works under the County Clerk.  Counties with a population of 8,000 or more also have an elected District Clerk who is responsible for all District Court records.


Bobbie Koepp is the current Comal County Clerk; the County Elections Coordinator is Cynthia Jaqua; and the District Clerk is Heather Keller.

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