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Miguel Suazo
Land Commissioner
About Miguel Suazo

“Our changing climate is a reality that threatens our coast. As an energy state, Texas needs a sustainable energy strategy that makes production and consumption efficient. Too often, we hear climate change as a wedge issue…. This is not a partisan issue, it’s an issue that requires local, regional, national, and global collaboration because it impacts all of us.”


Miguel Suazo is running for Texas Public Lands Commissioner.  He was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and was part of the seventh generation of his family to work the family’s cattle ranch.  He describes himself as an outdoorsman.  After earning a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, Suazo worked as an aide to U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.  Suazo went on to earn his law degree from the University of New Mexico, where he focused on natural resources and business law.  After graduating, he worked for Wellford Energy as an Energy and Environment Associate, helping emergent clean energy companies become commercially successful.  Suazo and his wife live in Austin, where he manages the Suazo Legal Group, PLLC, a business and energy law practice serving Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. 


Suazo’s education and experience uniquely suit him to be Texas General Land Commissioner.  He notes that his law firm specializes in the natural resources negotiations that are central to the work of the Land Office and that he gained policy experience while serving on the staff of Sen. Bingaman.  He believes climate change to be a serious threat to the Texas coast, stating that Texas needs to be efficient in using both conventional and renewable energy.  Suazo would work to help continuing recovery from Hurricane Harvey and to help prepare coastal cities for future hurricanes.  As land commissioner, he would be charged with leasing public lands to raise money for public education. He is a strong supporter of public education and is against using government money to support private schools.  Suazo has a plan for the Alamo, and he would strive to end the divisiveness around this important monument to our history.  He thinks that diversity creates strength, that mistreatment of women should be confronted directly, and that “unequal application of the law has no place in our country.”  He would work to support veterans through various programs that are part of the Land Office.

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The Land Commissioner is the chief executive officer of the Texas General Land Office (GLO).  The GLO's constitutional purpose is to "superintend, execute, and perform all acts touching or respecting the public lands of Texas" and is the oldest of all State of Texas agencies.  Unlike other states, the U.S. would not accept Texas land as debt payments so Texas entered the Union owning all its public lands.  Half of those lands were set aside in the 1876 Texas Constitution to establish the Permanent School Fund which still exists today as a source of school funding.

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Suazo’s opponent, Republican incumbent George P. Bush, is the son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a nephew of former President George W. Bush, and a grandson of former President George H. W. Bush.  Bush has drawn criticism for his management of the 450-million-dollar remodel of the Alamo. On his website, Bush claims to have “fought radical environmentalists and trial lawyers' abuse of the Endangered Species Act, worked to empower parents to choose the best schools for their children, and stood up for the sanctity of life.”

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