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November 6, 2018 Elections
Democratic Candidates
Local (Comal County)
State Legislative Branch
State Executive Branch
State Judicial Branch
Federal Legislature
Local (Comal County)
There are two Comal County offices for which Democrats are competing.
Dorothy Carroll for Comal County Commissioner, Precinct 4.
Gloria Meehan for Comal County Clerk.
State Legislative Branch
Comal County voters will elect one state senate seat and one state house seat.
Steven Kling for Texas Senate District 25.
Stephanie Phillips for Texas House District 73.
Federal Legislative Branch
Comal County voters will elect one U.S. senator in November.  A Comal County voter will also elect one house representative (for either District 21 or 35, depending upon where you live in the county).
Beto O'Rourke for U.S. Senate.
Joseph Kopser for U.S. House District 21 (most of Comal County).
Lloyd Doggett for U.S. House District 35 (an eastern sliver of Comal County, highly gerrymandered).
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State Executive Branch
Most offices of the executive branch of Texas government are elected independently from each other.  Texas has a plural executive system which means these elected officials answer to the public, not to the governor.
Lupe Valdez for Governor
Justin Nelson for Attorney General
Kim Olson for Agricultural Commissioner
Roman McAllen for Railroad Commissioner
Mike Collier for Lieutenant Governor
Joi Chevalier for Comptroller of Public Accounts
Miguel Suazo for Land Commissioner
State Judicial Branch
Texas has a complex judicial system.  Judges are elected in partisan elections.  Texas has two supreme courts (courts of last resort).  The Supreme Court hears civil cases and the Court of Criminal Appeals hears criminal cases.  (Yes, the names of these courts add to confusion.)  Both of Texas' courts of last resort are entirely Republican.
Supreme Court
(court of last resort for civil cases)
Steven Kirkland for Place 2
R. K. Sandhill for Place 4
Kathy Cheng for Place 6
Court of Criminal Appeals
(court of last resort for criminal cases)
Maria T. (Terri) Jackson for Presiding Judge
Ramona Franklin for Place 7
Before a case is heard by either court of last resort, it must first be heard by a District Court of Appeals.  There are 14 such court districts in Texas; Comal County falls into the Third District Court of Appeals. It hears both civil and criminal cases.  It is also entirely Republican.
Third District Court of Appeals
(highest appellate court in the state)
Edward Smith for Place 2
Chari Kelly for Place 3
Thomas J. Baker for Place 5
Gisela D. Triana for Place 6
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