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July 14th Meeting

The Democratic Women of Comal County had their monthly meeting today. It was very informative and we had a number of guest speakers

Laura Torres/ CASA

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. CASA of Central Texas serves neglected and abused children in four counties: Comal, Hays, Guadalupe, and Caldwell. Volunteers are sworn in by a judge so they are able to speak with attorneys, doctors, teachers… anyone that is involved in a child’s life. CASA volunteers gather information, and through the support of a CASA staff member, report back to a judge who then uses that information when they make a decision about a child’s long term situation in care. They are not foster parents, but a CASA volunteer is a consistent presence in the child’s live. Often times attorneys change, child protective service case workers may change but CASA’s stay with the child until the case closes.

Laura Torres is the volunteer Recruitment Coordinator for CASA of Central Texas. She has been with CASA for two years. . She enjoys volunteering in her local community and reading If you are interested in volunteering with CASA. You can reach Laura by email at or by phone: (830)626-2272

Molly Bursey

Molly is a volunteer for Moms against Gun Sense in America. a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to gun violence prevention. Together, with every town for gun safety, they are the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country with over 3 million members. When she learned about the legislative round table that the Harold Zeitung was hosting in New Braunfels. she emailed the editor and was given a seat at the table. Her question/topic for discussion concerned permit less carry legislation and local law enforcement opposition. Laws HB375 and HB1911 were introduced in legislative session and would have changed Texas’s current permitting system for carrying a concealed handgun in public. The law currently requires a background check, four hours of training, and a demonstration of minimal competence with a handgun. Her question at the round table was “How Representatives Kyle Biedermann and John Kuempel could support permit less carry (also known as "constitutional carry") in light of our local law enforcement opposition.” She did not get a clear answer from either representative.

The National Women’s March organization participated in a 2 day demonstration protesting the National Rifle Association. Women from all over the country marched from the National Rifle Association Headquarters in Virginia to the Department of Justice building in Washington D.C. The Democratic Women of Comal County took a picture and virtually marched to stand in solidarity with the MDAGSA as they participated July 14th and July15th.

Ann Patla

Ann reminded us that volunteers are needed to monitor the phones at the Democrats of Comal County Headquarters, 1592 W San Antonio St, and to do Block-walking. If you are interested in block walking contact Stephen Baird. Election Workers will be needed for 2018 primary. and Precinct Chairs are also needed.

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