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June 9th Meeting

June 9th was a great meeting for Democratic Women of Comal County. We had a guest speaker named Kristian Carranza Thompson from an organization called Battleground Texas.

Kristian is the Regional Coordinator for Battleground Texas. Her job today was to educate us about the organization, and what it means to "Turn Texas Blue." She explained to us that Battleground Texas is a state and federal Political Action Committee (PAC) founded with the goal of making Texas a swing state. It was established by veteran political strategist Jeremy Bird.

The Student Voting Initiative (SVI) program is something she mentioned to target first time voters. A representative travels to schools and speaks to seniors about how the election process works. At the end of their conversation, the representative holds a mock election (One that pertains to student issues on campus.) Seniors vote and the representatives counts each ballot. This is to teach them that their votes really do count.

Kristian also spoke about Voting Registrar Trainings. If you would like to become a Voter Registrar, call to schedule your class at (830)221-1352.

Battleground, TX will be hosting a Neighborhood Team Summit on June 24th. At the summit, you will be learning about the snowball effect that was used in the Barack Obama Presidential Campaign in 2008. This would be a great opportunity for those who are interested in learning ways to organize your community to become politically engaged and understand what it means to elect representatives who share same values. If you are planning on attending the Neighborhood Summit, you should RSVP at this link

The Summit is free of charge and will be held at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union (IBEW) Building (4818 E Ben White Blvd #300, Austin, TX 78741) Saturday June 24th from 10 AM -6PM. Lunch, coffee and snacks will be provided.

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