September 8th Monthly Meeting

On Friday September 8th. The Democratic Women of Comal County met for their monthly meeting. Lydia introduced our speaker Chris Perri, who is one of the 5 candidates running against Lamar Smith – U.S. Congressional District 21. Mr. Perri is a criminal defense attorney, married and lives in Austin. He decided to run for office because “Lamar Smith is not representing all the people that fall in District – 21, namely Democrats.” He has been campaigning since May 21st. Mr. Perri believes in:

1) Universal Health Care

2) Free College Education

3) LGBT and Transgender Civil Rights

4) Women’s Rights – Supports Planned parenthood

There was a question and answer session. Many questions from our members as to his views on all the prominent issues we are facing. Mr. Perri promotes a “just society”, that people need to be heard, and that everybody has a VOICE. Mr. Perri appears to be a well qualified candidate. He will be speaking at Glenda’s house on October 28th. More information to follow.

This Month the DWCC (Members in Action)


DWCC and DOCC raised up to 2500 pounds in non-perishable items for the Hurricane Harvey victims. Items were delivered to the Food Bank.

Toni Urban, Member

Notified us that Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to put together lunch and dinners for refugees from Houston. Please call 830-608-9129 if you are interested in volunteering,

A quick rally was put together supporting DACA. This rally will be held daily at the Comal County Democratic Party Headquarters. The DACA daily rally runs from 4-6pm, Monday thru Friday and on Saturdays 9-2pm


By-Laws were voted on and Accepted by DWCC members.


Ann Mullen reported that we have 69 members.


Events will be focussing on Voter Registration, DACA, and fund raising. Please email Mauri Fagan with any ideas you may have. There will be a “Meet and Greet” for our Democratic candidates. Jessica Stansell will send out the invites. There will be an Event for the Hispanic History Month in September. LULAC will be involved. Information to follow. Any inquaries please contact Mauri Fagan.

The Annual DWCC meeting will be a luncheon and Mauri Fagan is setting up.

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