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DACA Rally

DACA stands for Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals. These children were born in foreign countries and brought here to the United States by their families to escape from hardship and tough situations in their birth countries. DACA is an administrative relief from deportation that was put in place by President Barack Obama in 2012. The purpose of DACA is to protect eligible immigrant youth who came to the United States when they were children from deportation.

DACA gives young undocumented immigrants:

1) protection from deportation

2) a work permit.

DACA is not a gateway to citizenship. It simply grants permission for individuals protected by DACA called DREAMers to:

-Receive a social security card

-In most states, you can get a driver’s license

-Take the opportunity to build your credit score and apply for a credit card

-Get a job with benefits such as healthcare

-Put utility bills in your name

There are an estimated 800,000 DREAMers in the US today

In September of 2017, President Donald Trump announced

that he would end the DACA Program.

DWCC/DOCC Members started holding a daily rally to protest President Trump's decision to end the DACA program. Some DREAMers here in New Braunfels learned about the protest and joined in. One DREAMer was Melissa Garcia.

The Daily DACA Rally runs:


Monday through Friday

4pm to 6pm and


10am through 11am

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