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DWCC Meets Mary Street Wilson

Tuesday night, Glenna Dunnington hosted a Meet and Greet with Mary Street Wilson.

About Mary

Mathematician & Minister

May was a mathematician from a young age. She was a math teacher for twenty plus years.

Mary was also a minister. Her idea is that in life problems are different than math, but the life problems have solutions and creativity is a useful tool. Everyone has a way to think through their situation, is not all that different.

As a mathematician and minister, it her my goal to listen to people's stories, hear their needs, and help them figure out their solutions.

Mary believes it is very important to remember, everyone has a story and we all want to be heard.


Mary is a mother of two adult daughters. She is a grandmother and she just celebrated her 24th anniversary with her spouse Betty McDaniel

What Mary Spoke About:

-The same weekend of the Charlottesville rally, there was a protest and counter protest that happened in San Antonio at Travis Park to ask the city council to bring down a confederate statue down. She supports taking them down.

-She wants to bring a different voice to congress

As a minister and teacher, her job has been to listen to people and has had to figure out solutions to issues.

-The idea of justice to her is having an opportunity where everybody can be the best of who they are. Lifting people up to have the chance to "Be a part of the game to help lift them up to where they can contribute and they can see and experience the best of what the county has to offer..."

-Mary is running because she believes in truth and justice is important and she believes everyone needs to work together.

It was a pleasure listening to Mary and learn of her involvement with many diverse groups, and communities. She is definitely a good contender.

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