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Democrats of Comal County (DoCC) Extravaganza

Ribbon Cutting

The CCDP Headquarters was filled with DoCC members, guests, candidates, and excitement on the evening of May 8th. Around 4 p.m., the Headquarters began filling with people, as members of the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce arrived to welcome new Chamber member, the Democrats of Comal County, with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

After the ribbon-cutting, attendees assembled inside. They listened to a short speech by Stephanie Phillips, Democratic candidate for Texas House District 73, after she was introduced by County Chair, Bob Rogers. Then the candidate forum began. Mary Street Wilson and Joseph Kopser, who

are facing each other in the Democratic Primary Runoff for U.S. House District 21, discussed their positions on questions presented by moderator, Chili Ornelas. After briefly introducing themselves, Kopser and Wilson responded to questions about immigration, the environment, gun violence, healthcare, the economic divide in U.S. society, the federal government’s role in schools and education, and campaign finance. The winner of the Primary Runoff will face the Republican candidate in the November election.

After the forum, those in attendance enjoyed fellowship and good food before settling down to hear an instructive presentation by Comal County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace, Tom Clark. Clark talked about how the office of J.P. fits into the Texas Judiciary System, reminisced about running for the office, and discussed the duties performed by a J.P. The evening closed with a short business meeting, led by DoCC President Phil DeNicolo, who has recently returned from a leave of absence. Then it was time for a bunch of tired but well-informed Democrats to go home.

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