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Candidates Speak at April 2018 DWCC Meeting

Remarks from Mary Street Wilson, candidate for US House District 21

To win…. we need to vote.

Along the IH35 corridor and at universities, she did well in the March 6 primary.

But universities are graduating before May 22, students will be going home.

Mentioned that Derrick Crowe has endorsed her candidacy. She speaks highly of Derrick, says he has “class”.

To win in November, we must bring the Democratic Party together and bring out the vote.

If we increase turnout from 17 to 20%, we can win

Typical, there are few crossover voters; people tend to vote their “tribe”.

However this election cycle, there has been some shift conservative evangelical women.

Her first choice for a congressional committee is Education (she has 20 years of classroom experience).

She is opposed to operating public services such as education, prison, and healthcare with a profit motive.

If for-profit companies will not care for our most vulnerable, then Congress must pass laws to protect them.

How to combat that “hill country nasty” campaign attitude?

When they go low, we go high.

Politicians who refuse to get nasty will change the political climate.

She believes Common Core in education is, in theory, a good idea.

But implementation has been poor, has been sabotaged.

Feels strongly that rural schools must be funded.

Can we make alliances with the Green party? and the Libertarians?

She is hopeful that green party candidates will be attracted to her.

Remarks from Stephanie Phillips, candidate for TX House District 73

Has been studying Texas legislature and government.

Notes that textbooks highlight liberty and individualism; community is less important that the sovereign right of the individual.

Climate change: as a species, we must learn to deal with each other or we will eventually cease to exist.

Will not go low with Biedermann, he’s not worthy of our attention.

Will build alliances and pull our best selves up.

Ann Richards’ quotes:

“Never get to the point that you can’t stand up from a chair without arms.”

“Find out what you care about, know what you think, have an opinion, and then find a candidate and work to elect the person.”

And to paraphrase Harvey Milk:

“My name is Stephanie Phillips and I’m here to recruit you.”

Trying to establish a Democratic candidate co-op so that candidates can share resources.

Stephanie then introduced Jennifer (Jen) Ramos from the Texas Young Democrats.

Jen stated the TYD have definite issues of concern and they want to be involved in the political process.

Remarks from Gloria Meehan, candidate for Comal County Clerk

We now need: money, name recognition, get out the vote.

Money is tight for local and regional candidates; even small contributions make a difference. For example, funding “collateral” – handouts for voters when block walking for example

(part of the ground game).

Paraphrases Margaret Atwood:

History is not linear. Have heart, take hope. This cycle will end and we will be a part of the upswing.

Gloria introduced Gloria Young who is a member of the Meehan campaign team.

She is organizing meet and greets, asking for venues and sponsors for meet and greets.

Remarks by Dorothy Carroll, candidate for Comal County Commissioner District 4.

Get out the vote

Only 4,100 Democrats voted in Comal County on March 6, while Republican turn out was 17,000.

Spoke about county money being spent on buildings restoration instead of “people” issues; mentions her concern about loose dogs

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