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Stephanie Phillips

TX House District 73

Stephanie Phillips
About Stephanie Phillips

“I am a teacher, a consensus builder, and a citizen who is deeply concerned about the divisiveness of the current political climate. I bring new ideas, creative solutions, and a fresh point of view.”         -- Stephanie Phillips


Stephanie Phillips wants to represent the people of State District 73 in the Texas House of Representatives.  A native Texan with a bachelor’s degree in American History from Oberlin College and a master’s in music from Texas State University, she is a professional musician and teacher who leads workshops and trains musicians in creativity and improvisation.  Phillips has worked with students of all ages, and she coaches students in high poverty Title One schools in music and performance.  She is a professional violist and violinist who performs with several Texas regional symphonies. Phillips lives in rural Comal County with her life partner, Kathy Weiner.

Phillips is passionate about environmental issues.  On her website, she writes, “The beautiful Hill Country of Texas is a rare gem nestled right in the heart of Texas. We must conserve and protect this incredibly valuable resource for our tourism industry, for recreation, and for generations to come.”  She supports strengthening public schools and keeping promises to retired teachers, working to reduce gun violence, supporting the Affordable Care Act and expanding Medicaid in Texas, and decreasing barriers to voting.  She believes that women should have the right to choose whether or not to have children and should have access to high quality, affordable healthcare.

Stephanie Phillips online:
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There are 150 House districts in the State of Texas; the House is the lower chamber of the legislature. Members are elected for two year terms. 


The legislature meets in odd-numbered years for 140 calendar day sessions.

House District 73 includes Comal, Gillespie, and Kendall counties.

Stephanie Phillips' opponent is incumbent Kyle Biedermann, elected to his first term in 2016.  Biedermann is a member of the conservative Texas Freedom Caucus which sponsored the "bathroom bill" and opposed sanctuary cities.  The Caucus aims to neutralize centrist Republicans in the legislature.

Biedermann defeated incumbent Doug Miller in the 2016 primary.   Miller, former mayor of New Braunfels, is a centrist and ally of House Speaker Joe Straus.  The centrists have been targeted by Tea Party members such as Biedermann.

According to his website, he believes in eliminating abortion; securing our border; defending Second Amendment rights; and protecting religious freedom.  He has a 96% positive rating from Empower Texans/ Texans for Fiscal Responsibiity.  He gets a 93% thumbs up from the National Rifle association, and 100% from Texas Right to Life.

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