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Steven Kling

TX Senate District 25

About Steven Kling

“Corporate interests have taken over our state government. We need working people representing working families. Our campaign does not take a dime from corporate interests, so when I am elected there won’t be a shadow of doubt about who I am there to represent.”

--Steven Kling


Steven Kling was raised by two teachers who taught him the importance of public education, and the strong Texas values of honesty, courage, and standing up for what is right.  Kling is a fifth-generation Texan who has lived in Central Texas since 2001 with his wife Kelsey and their twin boys, Everett and Elliott.  He grew up in San Angelo and graduated from Texas A&M University in 1995.


After 9/11, Kling put his promising career in software on hold and joined the Army Reserve.  He served two combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and is a recipient of the Bronze Star, the Combat Action Badge, and the Joint Services Commendation Medal.  Captain Kling left the Reserve after 11 years of distinguished service in 2015 and currently works as a small businessman at an IT consulting firm in the Austin area.  Troubled by the “corrosive politics dividing us at both the national and state level,” he once again answered the call to serve by running for political office.

Kling stands firmly in support of public education, including fixing Texas’ antiquated school finance system and ensuring that the state pays its fair share so that our public schools are not overly reliant on local property taxes.  He is an advocate for veterans and women’s health, and he calls for expanding access to healthcare for all Texans.  He favors local control and criminal justice reform.  Kling would like to reform Texas’ right-of-capture law that allows industrial wells to take water from surrounding land owners, and he supports innovations in water conservation.  He believes elected representatives should work for the people who elected them, and he believes in equality for all in this diverse state.

Steve Kling online:

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TX Senate is the upper chamber of the State of Texas legislature.  There are 31 senate districts. The 25th district encompasses all of Guadalupe, Hays, and Kendall counties, and portions of Bexar and Travis counties.

Kling's Republican opponent

Kling’s opponent is Republican incumbent Donna Campbell.  She is a champion of private school voucher programs that would drain funds from public schools.  She works against local control when it runs afoul of corporate interests, and she is endorsed by ultra-conservative groups, such as the Texas Alliance for Life, the NRA, and the Texas Conservative Coalition.  Her campaign donors, 2/3 of which are either PACs, associations, or businesses, reflect her conservative views.

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